Abdul Busuulwa (Ph.D) chairing a session at the 1st Annual Symposium on Disability and Media in Uganda on November 9, 2018 at Hotel Africana.

In the words of Dr. Abdul Busuulwa… Commemorating World Braille Day

Today, January 4, 2019 is World Braille Day. Amongst the things us persons with visual impairments hold dearly, braille surely ranks first.  It is the means by which we can read printed ...

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Origin of Idea

The formation of CDLP was a recognition of the fact that a lot has been achieved by Uganda in terms of disability inclusion over the last 2 decades but that there are still gaps that need to be filled to ensure full participation and inclusion of PWDs in development processes not just in Uganda but a cross the East African region. Key gaps noted at the time of initiating the organization were the following:

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