Our Programs

CDLP recognizes the need to strengthen formulation of disability inclusive laws and policies at regional, national, and sub-national levels. Under this program, CDLP seeks to support legislative processes at all levels increasing awareness about disability and inclusive approaches among policy makers and implementers; and developing tools and instruments to guide and assess disability inclusion processes.

Under this program, CDLP prides of strategic partnerships established with key organisations at national, regional and international levels to develop a collaborative approach to disability inclusion. CDLP’s goal is to establish constructive and formidable partnerships and networks with civil society organizations, development partners, private actors, and government institutions; to create a force that fights for the fulfilment, protection and promotion of rights of persons with disabilities in the region. We recognize the on-going initiatives by other institutions, and we will seek to foster a networking relationship with other organizations involved in similar work.

A major component of CDLP’s work is research, policy analysis and document on disability, to support advocacy initiatives, and to influence policy change in the region. We endeavour to produce and document well researched analysis on policy and legislative trends and practices that point either to a growing disregard, or to an improving adherence to international, regional and national standards on disability issues.

Our efforts are geared towards increasing the ability of both relevant governmental and non-governmental entities to respond to new challenges and bottlenecks to the protection and promotion of disability rights in the region.

We provide technical support/assistance and capacity building on disability in order to foster the protection of rights of persons with disability by different actors in the region. We provide skills to all stakeholders involved in the work of human rights, specifically disability. We afford hands-on assistance to both governmental and non-governmental entities in drafting of disability rights compliant policies and laws. We provide advice, guidance and counsel in the drafting and implementation stages of human rights compliant laws and policy in Uganda.

CDLP provides technical reports, research and studies to strengthen the protection of disability rights. We seek to assist, especially government agencies and relevant departments, in the preparation of technical reports and studies, also conducting studies in order to enhance the formation of law and policy that promotes the protection of rights of persons with disabilities.          We conduct trainings for civil society, human rights defenders, media practitioners, pro-democracy activists, and legal practitioners. These trainings focus on upgrading of skills and institutional building for the effective protection of rights of persons with disabilities.

CDLP seeks to be an efficient and effective organization that ably meets its objectives and satisfactorily delivers to all its stakeholders. We work to ensure that we have the personnel, funding, and polices in place so that all work remains professional, diverse, transparent, and done with passion. CDLP works to attract and retain the best professionals; and takes deliberate measures to enhance organisational development to bolster efforts towards achieving the mission that it was set out to achieve.